Due to ongoing issues with squatters, vandalism, and theft, The Welland Martial Arts Centre has decided to vacate the dojo at 40 Division St. Of course, this means that The Niagara Kendo Club is now homeless.

From what I can tell, at least two sets of club bogu were stolen, as well as a locker full of shinai and bokuto, camera tripods, decorative swords, and other miscellaneous items. I estimate the replacement cost to be around $1500. My understanding these thefts took place over the past several weeks. The police were notified but there’s really not much that can be done otherwise.

While the club is not able to offer indoor Kendo training at this time, now that the province is starting to loosen restrictions on gathering I am considering whether outdoor training might become an option.

The Welland Martial Arts Centre is looking at two potential training locations. I am also looking for suitable training spaces.

I’m confident we will be able to resume training of some sort in the near future.

If you have any questions, please let me know.