Ontario has moved to a more restrictive level of its Covid-19 response framework. Niagara is now subject to the “orange” level of restrictions. It seemed another call to Niagara Region Public Health was in order.

I spoke to the same person (Matt H.) as I did last week. He said I was on his list of people to call as he had received some more guidance about whether or not the distancing restrictions announced last week applied to us. (See previous post for that discussion.)

In short, we now have to maintain a 3 meter distance between students during training sessions, even though we are masked at all times during practice. What would this look like for us?

Let’s consider the dimensions of the hall: 36 feet (10.9 meters) wide and 64 feet (19.5 meters) long. Can we meet these new physical distancing requirements? Yes, we can.

What drills can we do while staying 3 meters apart?

  • All our regular warmup drills
  • Basic footwork drills, suburi drills, striking drills using tire dummies

What’s off the agenda? Anything involving a partner.

We can still do all our basic training while maintaining physical distancing protocols. Pylons anyone? 😉