Grit has been identified as a characteristic closely tied to an individual’s overall long-term success. A basic definition of grit is a combination of passion and persistence and a belief in one’s ability to overcome obstacles. It’s also been described as the characteristic of having an “indomitable spirit”, or having a spirit that is impossible to defeat.

Guess what we develop through Kendo? Makeji Damashii – an Indomitable Spirit. Every trip to the dojo challenges you in new ways. Through consistent, persistent, arduous training, students learn they can indeed overcome the obstacles they face. Some obstacles present themselves physically, through your own body, your sensei, sempai, and other training partners. Other obstacles are internal: your thoughts and emotions that can “get in the way” of your kendo. Through it all, you are slowly and consistently building up your own reserves of grit. As you progress in Kendo, your technical and physical abilities improve and you begin to gain control over your most deadly opponent: yourself.

Kendo teaches you how to learn from failure, how to pick yourself up when you’ve been knocked down. The dojo is where we help you discover and grow your indomitable spirit. When you fail in the dojo, it’s a safe space to learn and grow from those experiences. In short, you’ll develop grit.

If you’re interested in succeeding in life, I hope you’ll visit us at our grit factory soon.

See you in the dojo.