You are the biggest impediment to your kendo progress.

It could be your ego. It could be your perspectives or beliefs. It could be your understanding (incorrect) or lack of understanding.

It could simply be that you haven’t done the work necessary to improve. Some people are “naturals” when it comes to kendo. Chances are you’re not, so you’re going to have to work to improve, and that requires time. If you think you should be better than you are but you haven’t done the time, you have unrealistic expectations that you would be wise to adjust.

Whenever you encounter challenges in your kendo, it’s because of you.

There’s nobody holding you back except you.

Get out of your way. Allow yourself to be humble. Seek to increase your understanding. Focus on positive thinking. Make the most of each practice session and get in more of them when you can.

You are the biggest impediment to your kendo progress, but you’re also the only one who can change that situation.

Take charge. Be responsible. Take steps to improve.

See you in the dojo.