Club Rules

The art of Kendo has rules for safe play which will lower the risk of injury and enhance good skills and fair play.

  1. The Niagara Kendo Club must comply with the practice location’s Safe Practices Rules. This applies both at the dojo as well as for any Kendoka (Kendo player) who is visiting
    another dojo or attending a tournament.
  2. Every Kendoka is responsible for the cleaning up of the floor, before and after practice.
  3. All shinai must be in good condition at all times. No broken or splintered bamboo slats will ever be allowed. If a shinai develops a crack or splinter at any time during the practice, its use will be discontinued immediately and it may not be used again until it is repaired to the Sensei’s satisfaction. Tape is not considered an acceptable repair. Carbon shinai must not have any black showing.
  4. The wearing of the traditional uniform (Keiko-gi and Hakama) is manadatory once a Kendoka is to wear bogu (armour).
  5. Bogu should be neat at all times and in the best possible shape and condition.
  6. Toe nails must be trimmed and feet clean.
  7. No jewellery may be worn during practice. Students who choose to wear a fitness monitor are responsible if it is damaged.
  8. Any medical concerns or disabilities must be reported to the head Sensei.
  9. Kendo is practiced in a group. All Kendoka look out for each other and encourage each other to do their best. The behaviour of the Kendoka at the Niagara Kendo Club should
    always reflect this philosophy, whether they are at our home dojo or visiting another club.